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The Latest and Greatest from TruPrevention

Hey Everyone!

We know it’s been pretty quiet here….but we haven’t run away.  Ohhhh noooo…we’re just getting started!  Right now, we are just working on developing TruPrevention into a future business, among keep up with our daily crazy lives.  Mandy is in the middle of moving (so excited for her) and we are both keeping up with families and full time work….so needless to say we would like a couple extra hours in the day to catch up with everything. I did update the Handy Information and Recipe sections recently.  So, please check it out.

As far as the business, we are just finishing the TruPrevention Logo.  A HUGE thank you to Cassie Rangel!  This gal has some serious talent.  She has been working with me on the logo for the last couple months and has done a wonderful job of taking my woeful descriptions and turning them into a visible concept.  Keep an eye out….you’ll see this girls work in a gallery one day!

So, thank you for you patience and understanding.  We might be a bit slow on the information download over the next month, but don’t despair it will pick back up.

And if you have any thoughts or suggestions feel free to send them to  All constructive thoughts and ideas welcomed!



Bento Mini-Burgers

Bento Mini Burgers
Okay all you burger connoisseurs, here's one to try. My long time friend, Amanda, gave me this recipe. I have yet to follow a recipe to the letter, so I'll put it as it is written and anything I "tweeked" will have an asterisk next to it. Original Source: Pepperplate (