Pomegranates bowl

My neighbor told me that she’s seen pomegranates in the grocery store, but didn’t buy one because she didn’t know how to get the seeds out.  That’s a bummer, since these babies are considered a superfood with some serious health benefits. I figured if she was unsure what to do with them, then many others were too. So, I thought I would do a little Pomegranate 101 on what they were and how to eat them. Also known formally as Punica granatum L. (who thinks up these names?), the pomegranate is made up of hundreds of little sweet-tangy juice filled arils that burst in your mouth and end with a little crunch of the tiny seed inside.  They are loaded with good for you stuff like antioxidants and polyphenols (just fancy words for oxidant eradicators) .  Research has shown this fruit is beneficial in people with carotid artery stenosis, hypertension, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease and mild to moderate erectile dysfunction (hmmm…maybe this is the real “passion” fruit). You can buy them in pre-filled cups, but it is  much cheaper to open one up yourself.  The deeper the color the sweeter the fruit.  Our kids eat them by the bowl full, on yogurt, in salads and in their oatmeal. The trick is learning how to open one up so it does not look like a scene from the latest horror flick was filmed in your kitchen. Once I learned these easy steps from my brother-in-law (thanks Brad!), pomegranates became a staple fall fruit in our house. I thought it would be beneficial to show a step by step on how to open one of these nutrient rich bad boys.

You Will Need:

  1. Cutting Board
  2. Sharp Chef Knife
  3. Large Bowl half filled with water (warm or cold, your choice)
  4. Medium container to hold the seeds

Step 1: Place the pomegranate on the cutting board and slowly cut in half.  This will be the only cut you do through the entire piece of fruit.  CAUTION: Do not do this while wearing your favorite article of clothing…it will get stained! 

Pomegranates I

Step 2: Take one half of the fruit, lay it with seeds facing down.  Take the tip of the chef knife and SCORE the skin only.  Ensue you slice down through the top “knob”. Repeat with the other half.

Pomegranates II

 Step 3: Using both hands, gently pull the fruit apart along the score line.

Pomegranates III Pomegranates IV

Step 4: Take one of the quartered sections and submerge it in the bowl of water.  I recommend putting the bowl in the kitchen sink.  Once underwater, bend the fruit back and gently separate the seeds.  Keeping it submerged prevents mini explosions from occurring all over you and anything within 3 feet of you. Repeat with the other 3 quarters.

Pomegranates V Pomegranates VI

Step 5: Once you cleaned out all 4 quarters little bits of white “peel” will floating on the top and the seeds will be mostly sunk to the bottom.  Try to get out as much of the white peel as possible.  Then drain the water off and using a slotted spoon, scoop the seeds and place them in a storage container.  They will last about a week in the refrigerator.

Pomegranates VII

3 comments on “Pomegranates – Little Seeds that Pack a Punch

  1. Sarah

    I’ve never tried submerging them in water to take the seeds out…..that will defintely cut down on the mess! Thanks:0)

  2. Heidi

    This is great because McKenzie loves them (as you could tell by her eating ALL the seeds from the pamagranate demo fruit). We both are glad to know now . Thanks!

  3. Julie

    I’ve never tried this method – I usually cut off the top and bottom, just enough to see where the pith is versus the seeds, then I score the skin at the pithy areas and pull the pomegranate into thirds. Then I hold the sections over a bowl and whack the rind with the back of a spoon. The seeds fall right out into the bowl. Works great – no mess.

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