Motivation, The Difference Between the Couch and the Olympics

sochi-2014-logo-4Anyone following the Olympics? I’m catching highlights here and there. Really wish I was watching more, but phew by the time the kids are down, fed animals, picked-up the house and prepped for the next day, I’m wiped out. However, the little bits I see reminds me of the dedication they put forward for 4 years for this one shot to be named the best of the best.

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Life sometimes takes over…

Hi Everyone!

Well, I’m sure everyone is wondering exactly what happened to us.  Not to fear, life just caught us a little bit and we’re getting ourselves on track.  I am handling life as single mommy, work full-time and TruPrevention.  Mandy is soon to be mommy of 2 and we’re anxiously counting down the days until we get to meet their little boy.  Dr. Edwards is in transition in his work.  So needless to say, sometimes life takes over and we just have to flex with it.

However, we may not be recently consistent, but we are definitely committed to TruPrevention.  So, you’ll start seeing the information flowing again!  Thank you for keeping with us.  Our passion to “share the health” remains strong!

Pomegranates bowl

My neighbor told me that she’s seen pomegranates in the grocery store, but didn’t buy one because she didn’t know how to get the seeds out.  That’s a bummer, since these babies are considered a superfood with some serious health benefits. I figured if she was unsure what to do with them, then many others were too. So, I thought I would do a little Pomegranate 101 on what they were and how to eat them.

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The Non-Resolutioner Resolutions…

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions.  I really never saw the purpose…it just seemed a ritualistic form of reverse psychology to me.   As soon as I made that list it was my green light to start breaking them, and I’m pretty sure I am not alone.  In January fitness centers are hopping and the produce section at the grocery store is being cleaned out.  Come the end of February the surge is over.

Let me be clear on this…not everyone is motivated the same way.  Some people thrive on making detailed lists and accomplishing the list.  I wish I was one of them…but yeah, not even close.  For those with a similar mindset to mine, there are certain thing we should just avoid resolving.

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No Really…It Can Be Done

Last week, at 11pm, I was listening intently to be sure my daughter fell back asleep. She just randomly threw up, right out of a dead sleep, all over Pinky (her favorite stuffed bear…yes, pink), her blankets and herself. It’s was freezing…so the last thing I wanted to be doing was crawling out of my warm bed for anything…much less puke. But, as a loving mommy, I cleaned her, the carpet and the bed up; threw all the nastiness in the laundry; rocked her for a couple of minutes; laid her down and watched her for a couple more minutes and scurried back to bed. I happened to look at the clock when I left and came back to the room. It was 10:39 when I went in there and 10:51 when I came back. I was surprised, because I was sure it was much later than that. But it started me thinking about time and the apparent chronic shortage of it.

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Sweet Potato, Squash and Apple Soup (Crockpot Version)

Sweet Potato, Squash and Apple Soup
OMG easy and oh so yummy! I found this recipe folder up and crunched in the back of my recipe box. Glad I did a little organizing and found it. The recipe calls for sautéing and cooking and boiling...forget that! Take all the ingredients and dump them into a crockpot and 6 hours later all you need is a blender for your perfect soup. (As shown in the picture my 2 1/2 year old daughter joke)

Holiday Humor IIOkay, so with the holidays coming we know there will be a lot of excuses on why you can’t exercise.

“I’ve got to get the food ready for Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa.”
“I’ve got to get up early for Black Friday.”
“I’ve been out all night for Black Friday.”
“I just ate.” (Statement repeated multiple times a day)
“I want to spend time with my brother/sister/kids/family.”
“I’m snowed in.” (For all you Northerners)

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Crackling Corn Bread

Another winner from the Great Good Food cookbook. Use it in the Great Corn Bread Stuffing or just crumble it over a bowl of hot chili. If you have a cast iron skillet, all the better...if not...go borrow one, it's worth it.