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My name is Donna Hoffmeyer. Mother of two beautiful children, wife to an amazing man, nurse, military officer and health fanatic (all of my family and friends are smirking right now nodding their head in agreement).

I grew up in northern New Hampshire on my parents’ beautiful 35 acre Christmas Tree Plantation. The air is clean, water is pure and growing up, nature was our playground. I received my BSN in 1994 (wow…can’t believe it’s been 19 years) and joined the Air Force right after I graduated. I have been in the military for the better part of my adult life with a 4 year hiatus while I got my masters degree in sports science. Over the years I’ve been a labor and delivery nurse, flight nurse, nurse manager, readiness officer, clinical case manager (which I’m currently doing) and on the side I did personal training. During my 4 years out of the military I worked as a labor and deliver nurse, personal trainer and taught college (exercise science). My focus when I taught was fitness for special populations to include the senior population.

I am interested in using my diverse background to really look at ways to truly preserve health and prevent disease (or mitigating disease processes), hence TruPrevention.

I look forward to getting to know all of you!



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