Welcome to TruPrevention!

Are you ready for a change? Well, then this is your site to interact with other people interested in making changes toward a healthy lifestyle in effort to prevent disease processes and injury today, so there will be no need to cure them in the future.

I’m your everyday working mom…that has a passion for health. I’ve started this blog to share my knowledge, search for answers and maybe even create an awareness and start a bit of a societal movement. But first, let me give you a little background on how this blog came to fruition.

My entire nursing career I have been plagued by the same questions. Why are there so many unhealthy healthcare workers? (How’s that for a juxtaposition…) How can they give advice they cannot follow themselves? How come there is a distinct line between medicine and health? How come the two have not merged?

My husband has heard these questions for the last 12 years (the man has the patience of Gandhi) and each time he would ask the questions “So, what are you going to do about it?”. I had an idea…but was not sure how to execute it. It never seemed to be the right time, …until now. I finally started working on it and the first step is right here…the TruPrevention blog.

The purpose of this blog is not solely for me to put my thoughts and opinions out there for the world, but to also learn from all of you. I’ll post topics and truly want your comments (thoughtful and constructive of course). It is your insight that will allow all of us to understand some of the problems and potential solutions.

So let’s start exploring what TruPrevention really is!