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There are so many of you making positive changes in your lives!  When we surround ourselves with the like-minded we are more apt to continue to make changes to a healthy lifestyle.  Whether you are just starting your journey or well down your path, your story (both triumphs and tough times) will help others.  So this page is dedicated to all of you that are knowingly or unknowingly inspiring others.  Please send me your story at donna.hoffmeyer@truprevention.com and I will post it.  Pictures and a story are even better! :)

Thank you for being you!

7 comments on “About You

  1. Lawanna Cox

    Hey there. Glad Donna started this and she raises the question that many of us ask and we also never listen to our own bodies. I for one am the worst and many moons ago, all I cared about was my health, what I ate, and how I could better my family’s health. Over time I got very lazy. I was over whelmed with work, school and children and always said that I would start tomorrow. That clearly caught up with me and now that I am getting older, have three children, and now expecting my 4th, I am in a position that I need change. A very big lifestyle change yet again. Good luck to all of you and I look forward to recipes and great conversation on here. Good Luck Donna

  2. Jenn Bergeron

    Having recently committed to a healthier lifestyle I am looking for all the support I can get. It is so good to know you are not alone and we can help to lift each other up. Thank you Donna for giving us a place to unite.

  3. Corina

    For someone who has always

    struggled with weight issues, I struggle with where to start, how to manage with a busy life. I would love some simple beginner steps and welcome support to stay motivated. Thanks Donna

  4. lorraine henry

    Thanks Donna for starting this. Casey is now at bootcamp and would like to be much healthier and smaller when he comes back in December. Between a crappy thyroid and gluten sensitivity, it hasn’t been much fun. Thanks for all the help. Cliff says hi :)

    1. Donna Post author

      I’ll be sure to mark the recipes that are gluten free so, you have some options for him when he comes home. As a matter of fact I will have to find my gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe. A friend of mine is gluten intolerant and she has concocted the best chocolate chip cookie recipe! Might be a nice home away from home treat. :)

  5. Betina

    My nam is Betina. 2 years ago I decided not that I had to lose weight but that I had to get healthier. I had been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and high blood pressure for quite some time now. I had also at the time began working in a dialysis clinic (I’m a nurse). It was there that I saw what could easily become my future. I also began teaching patients on ways to be healthier. I agonized that I was not even remotely practicing what I was preaching.
    I began just by walking twice a week than doing a little Zumba. San antonio was announcing a first time event called Siclovia. Basically they shut down a main straight and encourage everybody to come out for physical activity and play. It was there that I discovered body combat. I fell in love with something I had no idea I could do. I have been doing it for going on 2 years. I have lost about 55 lbs and my health is much better.

    1. Donna Post author

      Wow Betina…that is amazing progress! Siclovia is a great event and I’m glad it inspired you to find a healthier way of life. Education is key…and the fact that you are setting the example only reinforces the information you are giving to your patients. Keep up the great work you are doing for yourself and your patients!!!! Oh, and I think I can hear you body thanking you. ;)

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