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Healthy restaurants…do they really exist?

As you probably guess, I’m not a fast food connoisseur.  I think the extent of it is a pizza place…there’s nothing better than a thin crusted slice of veggie pizza.  So when we go out to eat after a long week at work, we try to go somewhere that has health options.  One of our favorite places in San Antonio to go is a near by Greek restaurant , Papapouli’s.  They have won numerous awards for their healthy recipes.  Now, I will tell you that I always wondered how healthy is healthy.  Just because it is fresh made doesn’t mean it is not laden with fat and sodium.  I mean, seriously,  McDonalds has yogurt parfaits as a “healthy option” and one bite will tell you that there is enough sugar in one  to make 5 kids hyperactive.

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Is there a hypocrisy in healthcare?

As a nursing student, I worked on a step down cardiac unit.  We primarily took care of people that had cardiac bypass surgery. I worked with great people.  They taught me so much!  I learned everything from the importance of chest percussions on a new postop patient to reading telemetry (heart monitors) to taking care of chest tubes and assisting during codes.  My mind was challenged and I was in heaven.  But….there was one thing that dumbfounded me…how was it that they extremely intelligent people did not practice what they preached?

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