Hi Everyone!

Well, I’m sure everyone is wondering exactly what happened to us.  Not to fear, life just caught us a little bit and we’re getting ourselves on track.  I am handling life as single mommy, work full-time and TruPrevention.  Mandy is soon to be mommy of 2 and we’re anxiously counting down the days until we get to meet their little boy.  Dr. Edwards is in transition in his work.  So needless to say, sometimes life takes over and we just have to flex with it.

However, we may not be recently consistent, but we are definitely committed to TruPrevention.  So, you’ll start seeing the information flowing again!  Thank you for keeping with us.  Our passion to “share the health” remains strong!

2 comments on “Life sometimes takes over…

  1. Linda

    In life there is always ups and downs and craziness, especially when you are trying to be all things at once. Good blog and glad to meet Dr. Ivan Edwards. He sounds like a very caring, positive person that is a good mix with your team. Keep up the great work, team.

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